Attestation Services

1. Direct Taxes

Corporation Taxes

  • Annual Corporation Tax Declarations and Financial Statements and Additional Declarations 

  • Income Tax

  • Annual Income Tax Statements and financial tables and Additional Declarations 

2. Indirect Taxes

Value Added Tax

  • VAT return services

  • Arising from exportation exception 

  • Arising from reduced rate 

  • VAT suspension-cancellation operations attestation carried out according to inward processing

  • Authorization certificate

  • Customs declaration attestation(Related with full confirmation agreement)

Private Consumption Tax

  • Private consumption tax of sea fuel the VAT of which has not been nullified 

  • Private consumption tax of production suspension-cancellation report

  • Private consumption tax return and accounting transactions

  • Bioethanol production attestation report

  • Attestation report of activity of gasoline with bioethanol belonging to blender 

  • Activity attestation report for private consumption tax exception of diesel fuel delivery to the vehicles carrying exports​

3. Incentive, Deduction, Exception And Immunities Stated In The Financial Legislation

  • Investment Allowance

  • Exception of income gained through education, sport and health investments

  • Giving associations, facilities, charity foundations and cooperatives exemption 

  • Supporting research and development facilities provided by

  • Turkish scientific and technological research institution

  • The attestation report of income and corporation tax (State of emergency)

4. Special Purpose Reports

  • Evaluation operations related with credits (In accordance with the Banking Law)

  • The inspection of organized industrial areas’ accounts and transactions

  • The reports concerning the addition of equity reserves to the capital

  • The report arranged with regard to the certificate of Social Security Institution clearance 

  • The payment of radio and television supreme court share as per the law number 3984,

  • Concerning the foundation and broadcasting of radio and TV stations