Independent Audit Services

We determine and report the accuracy and compliance of financial information of companies with the standards set by regulatory authorities, by using audit techniques based on our authorization certificates issued by the Public Oversight Authority, Capital Markets Board, BRSA, EMRA and Treasury insurance independent audit certificates.

In this context, GÜRELİ conducts the following audits:

Independent audit

It includes the provision of reasonable assurance that the financial statements and reports of the companies are audited for compliance with the standards established by the regulatory authorities (such as TFRS; IFRS).

Independent Limited Review

It covers the gathering of information from the individuals responsible for financial reporting process and providing limited assurance by applying analytical review and other review techniques.

Audit of the Pre-Agreed Procedures

It covers the audit conducted by an auditor on the pre-agreed inspection procedures of clients and third parties and giving a report on the actual findings without any assurances, in line with a letter of undertaking given for implementation.

Compliance Audit

Expressing an opinion about the level of compliance of the activities or transactions of Companies with certain laws and provisions of the relevant legislation.