Corporate Finance Services

GÜRELİ provides consulting services on mergers and acquisitions, debt and capital financing as well as evaluation of company value.

Our services include assessment of strategic options, valuation (company and brand), structuring the process, designing the mechanisms required for the presentation of the process to the market, management of the transaction process and execution of the negotiations for the successful completion of the transaction.

We provide objective, impartial and independent opinions in corporate finance projects by focusing on strategies that will help companies achieve their corporate goals.

Our Corporate Finance team provides consulting services for:

Company mergers, company acquisitions

Company / Share sales, company demergers,

Technical support for the issuance of bonds and share certificates for capital funding from the market

Buyer and seller due diligence studies

Target company research, sector analysis, taxation and identification of financial condition,

Company valuations in line with the demands of investors and regulatory agencies.